Happy New Year! 2019!!!

2018 was INCREDIBLE! The Salty Heifer made so many new friends - new customers, new clients, new vendors - all fantastic! So many intentions were set at the start of 2018, and I’m proud to say we met them all. Through all of 2018, we had you, our ever expanding, and HILARIOUS (keep the coffee and cake memes coming) Heifer Community. I thank you for your steadfast loyalty, warmth, generosity of spirit, laughter and that always welcomed sweet tooth. 


As you wind down, and get ready for a night of revelry, we want to wish you and yours abundant joy, side-splitting laughter, love, good eats and amazing morning coffee in 2019. May this new year exceed your wildest dreams! 


As per, we are on holiday January 1st through 31st. We will miss you! No tears, there will be a funny, or two, to keep you going. 


Until then, kids...


~ Chef Iesha and Team Salty