Frequently Asked Questions


What’s with the name?

Yes, we really are The Salty Heifer!

True story: it was named for Chef and her many “mood” faces.  Maybe that’s the Brooklyn in her…


What does THAT Salty Heifer do?

Well, she does a LOT!

We subscribe to the “5 Ingredient Rule” when it comes to our desserts. Anything else, and well, it gets way too complicated. We do our best to use locally sourced and sustainable ingredients wherever possible. Besides, when you’re using the best, why cover it up with fillers?!


Are The Salty Heifer’s desserts nut-free?

We are NOT nut-free. Most of our desserts are nut-free, with the exception of a few gluten-free items that contain almond flour and ‘The Triple Threat”. Please note, our cookies, cupcakes and pies are baked in a kitchen where nut ingredients are used.


Can I modify or cancel my order?

All orders are final, and unable to be changed. We ask that you make sure everything looks correct at checkout before finalizing, and then it’s smooth sailing! You can also leave specific instructions in the “Note” section when placing your order, or send an email to with specific instructions.


Will The Salty Heifer arrive fresh?

Yes! We bake, pack and ship to order, ensuring everything arrives nice and fresh! Our cookies can even be frozen for a longer shelf-life.


How should I store my The Salty Heifer order and what’s the best way to enjoy them? 

Heifer Hack: your freezer is your best friend! Cookies and/or brownies and blondies are also pretty awesome straight out of the freezer and on ice cream! You’re welcome.

Cookies: Freeze em’! (Freezer, not fridge). They stay fresh for up to 2 weeks. Take them out 20-30 minutes prior to serving. However, if you place them in your fridge, they will last up to one week. If you plan to eat them right away, just place them in airtight container, and they can stay on your counter. You can even nuke them, or warm them in a toaster oven or warm oven for a few minutes. Please note, that our OG Salty Heifer contains pork fat and MUST be refrigerated.

Cakes and Pies: Are best kept in an airtight cake container and stored in your fridge, as most are made with egg and dairy.  All cakes and pies have a stay fresh guarantee of up to one week. We’ve done all the testing for you. Same as our cookies, cut a slice and let it come to room temp before enjoying.


Are there any new flavors coming out?

All. The. Time. We love creating new flavors. Starting in November we will begin “The Cookie of the Month”. Each month, we will have a new cookie; seasonally, we have a collection of three new cookies, cakes, pies and cupcakes, and we always bake something special around holidays.


Does The Salty Heifer bake gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free or vegan products?

We have a few gluten free cake and cupcakes and macarons! But we aren’t currently offering egg/dairy/sugar-free products just yet. Hang in there, vegans.


How are your Gluten Free Cakes and Cupcakes baked?

Our Gluten-Free cakes and cupcakes are baked in a dedicated gluten free kitchen - that means no risk of cross-contamination during our baking process as the product never comes in contact with any gluten-containing ingredients! All of the ingredients we use are certified gluten free. You can send us an email and/or give us a call if you’d like to order!


Where are The Salty Heifer products baked?

All of our products are baked at one central commercial kitchen, equipped with a separate space for Gluten-Free/Vegan production right in the heart of Brooklyn – Brooklyn, we go hard!


What if I want something special or a larger size?

Oh, we do that! If you want you want isn’t on our menu, or you need a larger size cake, pie, or an odd number, just shoot us an email, or call us (718) 669-0708 during our operating hours, and we will do our best to make your sweet dreams come true.


When can I reach The Salty Heifer?

Tuesday -Thursday: 7:30AM - 5:30PM
Friday - Saturday: 7:00AM - 5:00PM
Monday: Closed

Sunday: Closed