When people ask how The Salty Heifer, Co. came to be, the answer used to involve words like:

“Years of Dedication”

“A Desire to Feed the World”

“For the Power of Comfort Food”

But that’s not the whole truth...

The whole truth is that the Heifer’s existence is largely due to the discerning palate of a precocious three-year-old. It was to please her that our namesake cookie was born, and once she bestowed upon it her seal of toddler approval, it was a wrap.

Conquered by the call of the sirens of baked goods, everything  fell into place: sprinkles and all. The Salty Heifer’s mission became clear: to use only the finest ingredients, keep it simple, and make it delicious. Our confections are made with the perfect combination of sophistication, Michelin Star training, and good old-fashioned love.

Invite the Heifer to your birthday party, bachelor party, baby shower, and every gathering in-between. Dig in and honor your inner child while indulging your outer adult.

The Salty Heifer, making the world a little warmer, a little better, and a lot tastier, one bite at a time.