Happy New Year from Chef Iesha and Team Salty!
There is so much we COULD say about 2016, right (😳😐)?! But. We. Won't. No matter what you think, or how you feel about it, it was a most transformative year. Forcing all of us to confront, deal with and hopefully correct, that which remained hidden for far too long.

However, in the midst of so much upheaval and loss, there were blessings. There was light. There is ALWAYS light. Remember that.

Because of you, our friends, our family, The SaltyHeifer has grown. And we are most grateful. I am most grateful. It's your support and faith that keeps us going and getting better. Basically, we're total besties and you're stuck with us.

So for 2017: Enjoy. Love. Laugh. Live. BIGLY (sorry!). Chase that dream. Be bold. Be brave. Be generous. Eat. And remember: fear is a liar, but cookies and cakes will always be true.

We will be closed for the month of January. Know that we will miss you. Thank you for your patience during our short absence while we cook up some surprises for the new year!

See you in February!

All our love,

Chef Iesha and Team Salty